Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Ride

I hope everyone has enjoyed their festive season! Some of the boys went on a bit of a Christmas ride last week and had a lot of fun tearing up the trails and doing some jumps. Justin was riding his Giant Reign X1 and JC and Dan rode their Giant Glory Experts. The bikes performed magnificently even if Justin couldn't stay on his bike. The bumps and bruises that occurred were all a result of rider error.

Click on the pic below to be transported to our picasa web album, which is filled with our staff riding pictures.

Riding Pics

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2009 Yeti 575

We've just been notified that the 2009 Yeti 575 stock has arrived in Australia. The only changes to the range are two new colour schemes. We currently have a size medium 2008 Yeti 575 in stock at the 2008 price.
From Bikes

From Bikes

WTB Tyres: Prowler MX

I just found an awesome review of a tyre that we've just started carrying (and using). The WTB Prowler is a great tyre as the review suggests and we have them in stock in the 2.5 size right now.
From Bikes

Thursday, November 27, 2008

XT Wheelsets

We have 2 sets of the long awaited Shimano XT wheel sets turning up this week. They're a great value, light weight, tubeless wheelset and they're an excellent way to upgrade your current Mountainbike to tubeless without spending a fortune. We have a comprehensive range of Maxxis Tubeless tyres available and we can also install Stan's No Tubes sealant if required.
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2008 Yeti 575 (Turquoise) Medium

Its time for me to sell my Yeti frame.

2008 Yeti 575 (Carbon rear end) Medium size in Turquoise.

Selling **Frame Only** for $2100.00
Frame and 2008 Fox 32 Vanilla 140mm Fork for $2600
I'll even leave the Ritchey Pro sealed bearing headset in at no cost.

Bike is less that 12 months old and in good condition.

I'll be riding it at the 12hr (unless someone wants to buy it to race that weekend) so you can have a look at it then.
Otherwise it is on display in the shop. Give me a call on (08) 9387 3708 if you have any questions.

Dave Whiteway

Monday, November 24, 2008

12 Hour this Saturday!

We'd like to let all of our customers know that due to our participation in the Alcoa 12 Hour Race at Jarrahdale this coming weekend we'll be shutting the shop at 1pm this Saturday the 29th of November. The race starts at 6pm so we need all the time we can to get organised and get out to Jarrahdale. We hope to see some of you out there at the race.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Alcoa WA 12 Hour Race

The WA 12 hour race is on next weekend. Time is running out to get yourself and your bike organised for one of the coolest events on the Perth MTB race calendar.

For all the info you need check

The Wembley Cycles crew will be there with work stands and tools so if you need to make some running repairs ask nicely and we'll gladly help you out. Ask really nicely and you might be able to borrow one of our Yeti 575 or Yeti ASRs for a lap.

Call now to book your bike in for servicing prior to the event. 9387 3708

Friday, November 14, 2008


If you're thinking of getting into the wonderful world of fixies then you've got to check out this site

No doubt it'll give you some inspiration and ideas for you to create your own fixie from that old steel framed road bike you've got sitting in the shed!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Charge Bikes

From Bikes

We've just placed our order for several Charge bikes and lots of Charge accessories. Wembley Cycles is one of a handful of Charge Dealers in Perth and we can't wait to show off this really exciting brand of bikes. Expect to see the Charge Plug, Freestyle, Stove and Iron in-store in the next few weeks. For further information on the range click on the links to the Charge website, or .

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charge Bikes

We got a sneak peek at the brand new line of bikes from Charge Bikes. They were AWESOME! Lots of cool Steel and Titanium bicycles for a few different styles of riding. Gears or single speed, skinny tyres or fat, Charge Bikes make some sweet looking rides. We've been told that we can expect a summer release of most of the bikes and components. Check their website for all information you'll ever need about the bikes.

Get on your bike, save money, cut emissions

Here's an interesting article by Susan Hely, from the July Edition of Money Magazine.

Get on your bike, save money, cut emissions
It's not surprising there's been a sharp jump in the number of Australians riding bikes in the last 12 months, given high petrol prices, congested cities and a desire for a cleaner, greener environment. And riding a bike is a cardiovascular workout without the gym fees.

There has been a proliferation of bike shops and bike websites catering for the weekend cruisers, the lycra-clad squad riders, the commuters and the trail riders.

To read more click here

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2009 Giant

Have you seen the new Giants? We have lots in stock right now. From Upland to TCR, we've got lots of brand new 2009 model year Giant bikes in stock and ready to roll. Call us on 9387 3708 or email to talk to us about your next bike.