Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Charge Bikes

We got a sneak peek at the brand new line of bikes from Charge Bikes. They were AWESOME! Lots of cool Steel and Titanium bicycles for a few different styles of riding. Gears or single speed, skinny tyres or fat, Charge Bikes make some sweet looking rides. We've been told that we can expect a summer release of most of the bikes and components. Check their website for all information you'll ever need about the bikes.

Get on your bike, save money, cut emissions

Here's an interesting article by Susan Hely, from the July Edition of Money Magazine.

Get on your bike, save money, cut emissions
It's not surprising there's been a sharp jump in the number of Australians riding bikes in the last 12 months, given high petrol prices, congested cities and a desire for a cleaner, greener environment. And riding a bike is a cardiovascular workout without the gym fees.

There has been a proliferation of bike shops and bike websites catering for the weekend cruisers, the lycra-clad squad riders, the commuters and the trail riders.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2009 Giant

Have you seen the new Giants? We have lots in stock right now. From Upland to TCR, we've got lots of brand new 2009 model year Giant bikes in stock and ready to roll. Call us on 9387 3708 or email to talk to us about your next bike.